5 Stage Reverse Osmosis IW525

The top technology meets quality. Anything more sophisticated has to offer water treatment technology is concentrated in the reverse osmosis system IW525. Membrane even higher output 45 gallons a day (170 liters) perfectly clean water.


The osmosis system combines the most advanced technologies of reverse osmosis and activated carbon to produce the best quality of water available. In many European countries, the bottled water is product of reverse osmosis.

1st Stage: The water enters the network in the first purification stage prefilter suspensions 5 micron.

2nd Stage: Then passes through the activated carbon filter that removes chlorine chemicals etc. GAC 20 micron.

3rd Stage: Following an activated carbon filter in the form of block for even better retention EP-10, 10 micron.

4th Stage: The filtered water passes the semipermeable membrane (0,0001 micron) and infectious substances (chemicals, microbes, bacteria) retained on the outer surface of the membrane and routed automatically flushing down the drain.

5th Stage: After the membrane, the filtered water is stored in the collecting container. By the time we open the faucet, the water goes through the final stage with Carbon Activated for a final polish before arriving in our glass.


Supplier: Interwater


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