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Interwater is a private company based in Thessaloniki, Greece which specializes in developing manufacturing and marketing water filters and drinking water treatment systems around the globe. Interwater manufactures and develops OEM/ODM products in Europe and Asia since 2004. Interwater is constantly expanding its range of products with the main axis of clean drinking water, having from small to large filters, water purification systems for private and professional, giving a final solution to any water problem you face. Our primary concern is our customers full satisfaction.

The great variety, excellent quality and competitive prices are the key pillars of our success. Interwater was founded in 1996 and is the largest company in a variety of water filters and spare parts in Greece! At about sixteen years of activity carried out important and innovative ideas is one of the companies, who wrote and created a significant degree, the current profile in our country in the field of water treatment.

In Interwater you will find: water filters, Domestic reverse osmosis systems, Water Softeners, UVC systems, industrial filters, water coolers and many other products in quality and prices that impress.

In 2009 interwater became exclusive partner of Philips Hellas AEBE in water filters from Philips. Since 2010 Interwater represents Torayvino's water filters, Toray's subdivision, exclusively in Greece and Cyprus. In 2011, acquired the rights Interwater distribution of water filters Torayvino across Greece. All of us from Interwater thank you interested in our products and we stand ready to answer any of your questions in our call center tel: 0030 2310 867 844. Water treatment professionals will gladly advise you and suggest the best solution for the problem of your water. With experienced technical staff ready to give you all the technical information you need, our sales department willing to help you place your order, we aim to complete satisfaction of your requirements.

Interwater also represents the largest manufacturers of water filters in the world like: Torayvino, Toray, Philips, Puricom, Filmtec, Topway Global Inc., Culligan, Pentek, Watts and General Electric etc. Interwater is a member of the World Organisation for water quality (Water Quality Association) from 2003 to today Our goal is to improve the quality of life by improving water quality. Let the experts to solve the problem of your water. Since 2008 Interwater is distributing Toray's water filters Torayvino in Greece Cyprus and other countries in Europe.