Step 1: Concept Development

  1. Client Request
    Our highly-trained technical sales specialists
    and engineers chat with you about your idea.
  2. Issue or Modify RFA
    RFA ("Request For Action") process begins.
  3. Engineer Meeting
    Meet with Interwater Engineers to discuss client
    specifications and iron out any design and technical issues.
  4. Clarify with Client
    Our specialists explain any issues with you.
  5. Changes
    Modify the specifications as necessary
    until final design is ready for development

Step 2: Product Development

  1. Development
    Our experienced engineers analyze the completed design
    and begin development.
  2. e-Concept Drawings
    The completed design is turned into 2D and 3D drawings,
    and digital mockups and prototypes are generated for review
  3. Client Approval
    You review the e-Concept Drawings and either approve them
    for Prototyping, or request additional changes to the design.
  4. Changes
    The design is modified and re-cycles through the Development Phase.

Step 3: Prototype & Fabrication

  1. Prototype Quotation
  2. Production Drawings
    Concept drawings are finalized for production.
  3. Prototype Fabrication
  1. Clarify with Client
    Our specialists explain any issues to you.
  2. Client Review
    We send you the prototype for review.
  3. Changes
    Any modifications to the design are added, and the design
    re-cycles through Development and Prototype Phases.

Step 4: Pre-Production

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Client Review
  3. Changes
    Any modifications to the design are added,
    and the design re-cycles.

Step 5: Production

  1. Production
  2. Post-Production Support
  3. Document Control & Backups
    All files and procedures are documented and backed up
    for future orders from client, or for client's future reference.


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