Undersink Water Filter TGI-10

We present the new system, TGI-10. Ideal solution to the problem of water quality. Preffered by most, because it does not take space, is distinctive and most importantly, very economical.


Activated carbon filter mounted under the kitchen counter. Accepts various replacement filters of activated carbon 10" from 20μ to 0.5μ. Highly economical and at the same time, efficient. Taking up less space. Includes faucet and installation kit. Filtering capability to 3000 liters. Filter life of 10-12 months, depending on the water quality.


Performance Table


Cysts 94%
Unpleasant Taste and Odor 99%
Chlorine 96%
Lead 98%
Mercury 90%
Copper 99%
Zinc 99%
Solid Particles, Sand, Mud 96%
Synthetic Organic Chemicals 99%
Asbestos Fibers 99%


Supplier: Interwater


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