Water Filter for Steam Irons Interwater AP9110

The use of the water softener kit is of major importance for the durability of the steam iron because there is no iron adapted to tap water. If the calcinated level of the water increases the wires are clogged for a long or sort period of time. Using the water softener set all the time, this will not happen.


As a result the water has low level of salt (virtually none) and also we free the iron getting corroded. The filter can be used for car batteries, cameras and for any machine that needs purified water.



Open the plastic bag that contains the dust filter and pour it in the proper container taking care of doing it properly. Finaly put the filter as it was at the beginning. For best results fill the container up to the maximum level with water. Put the cover on carefully. Then, you can use the water to fill the steam iron, car batteries etc.

After a long use, it depends on the saltiness of the water that is purified, the filter will start changing colors from white-green, to blue. When the change of the color that starts from the top overcomes the minimum level the dust filter needs replacement. The filter must be protected from the sun, cold and hot temperatures. The purified water IS NOT POTABLE! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.


Manufacturer: Interwater