Modified Wet Moulded Carbon Blocks CFB-Plus

The Pentair CFB-Plus range of modified wet moulded carbon blocks feature enhanced chlorine, taste and odour reduction. Powdered activated carbon is bonded to the fibres, creating an excellent sediment reduction cartridge, which combines the benefits of both a depth filter and carbon block into a single cartridge.




Certified and tested by NSF International to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 and manufactured entirely from FDA compliant materials, the CFB-Plus series are ideal for a wide range of applications, including food service, commercial and industrial applications, and a variety of residential uses.

Delivering some of the highest sediment reduction found in any carbon cartridge CFB-Plus offers even greater flexibility available in standard diameter lengths up to 30" and large diameter in 10" and 20".


Key Product Features

  • Outstanding sediment reduction ensures less plugging, meaning the CFB-Plus achieves its full chlorine reduction capacity.
  • 100% more chlorine, taste and odour reduction than original carbon blocks.
  • Unique post filtration layer, fused to carbon/fibre media prevents carbon fines being released into the effluent stream.
  • Tested and certified by NSF International to ANSI/NSF Standard 42.
  • Manufactured entirely from FDA compliant materials.


Ordering Information

Product Code Micron Chlorine Reduction (litres) at Flow (lpm) with Initial Δp (bar) Standard Lengths (") Packaging
CFB-PLUS-10 5 37.800   3.8   0.11 12 @ 3 kg
CFB-PLUS-20 5 75.700   7.6   0.11 20 12 @ 7 kg
CFB-PLUS-30 5 113.500   11.4   0.11 30 12 @ 10 kg
CFB-PLUS-10BB 5 94.600   7.6   0.17 6 @ 4 kg
CFB-PLUS-20BB 5 189.000   15.1   0.17 20 6 @ 8 kg


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Supplier: Pentek


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