Carbon Block Filter Cartridge CFB-PB

Carbon Block Filter Cartridge CFB-PB

The Pentair CFB-PB uses Fibredyne technology to combine powder activated carbon with lead absorbent material onto a synthetic fibre matrix.


Capable of effective chlorine, taste and odour, lead, mercury and cyst reduction the CFB-PB also works as a premium grade sediment filter. The cellulose-free fibre matrix results in higher reduction capacities that resist plugging, prolong life and feature the lowest pressure drop over the life of the cartridge. Due to the unique post filtration layer fused to the carbon/fibre matrix on all the Fibredyne family, this technology will not release fines into the effluent stream. Manufactured entirely from FDA-compliant materials, the CFB-PB is an ideal choice for a wide range of commercial, industrial, food service and residential applications.

Fibredyne technology means that no prefiltration is required for this 0.5 micron nominally rated filter.

Key Product Features

  • Chlorine, taste, odour, lead, mercury, cyst and sediment reduction in one filter cartridge
  • Manufactured from FDA approved materials
  • Low density fibrous matrix creates greater void volume trapping more sediment without significant pressure drops
  • Water based manufacturing process creates ultra clear carbon, with very low extractables


Ordering Information

Product Code Micron Chlorine Reduction (litres) at Flow (lpm) with Initial Δp (bar) Standard Lengths (") Packaging
CFB-PB10 0.5 7.600   3.8   0.6 12 @ 3 kg

Supplier: Pentek


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