Electroplating Carbon Cartridges ELPC

The ELPC series is a premium line of activated carbon filter cartridge specifically designed for electroplating solutions. Representing the best technology available, the ELPC is ideal for use in a wide range of applications.


The unique Fibredyne technology used in the manufacture of this product ensures carbon fines do not bleed into the plating bath. Sulphur is also not leached, as the carbon used is ultra-clean and highly purified.

The ELPC series offers a superior dirt-holding capacity due to the fibrous physical structure and manufacturing process that results in a product with true depth filtration. This depth filtration allows for maximum treatment with minimal pressure drop through the cartridge at 8 lpm with a 0.4 bar drop per 10".

Key Product Features

  • The integrated post-filtration layer ensures no carbon fines bleed into the plating bath, eliminating past requirements for additional filtration after carbon treating
  • Pre-washed to further guarantee no carbon bleed off
  • Contains no cellulose or other material that could contribute towards plating porosity or brittleness
  • Resistant to chemical breakdown in both acidic and alkaline solutions up to 82˚C
  • Injection moulded polyethylene ends with permanently fixed gaskets to ease cartridge change outs (gasket cannot fall off into the plating solution during installation or removal of filters)
  • Inner polypropylene core for extra compressive strength


Ordering Information

Product Code Micron Litres (lpm) at Pressure (bar) Standard Length (") Packaging
ELPC-9⅞ 10 3.8   0.2 9⅞ 30 @ 7 kg
ELPC-20 10 7.6   0.2 20 30 @ 14 kg


Download the ELPC Series catalogue.


Supplier: Pentek


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