Softening Cartridges WS

The WS series of water softening cartridges are an effective and efficient solution for point-of-use applications that benefit from ease of installation and changeouts, designed to trap and reduce hardness and scale deposits. An excellent solution for exact point-of-use applications.


These cation exchange softening cartridges use a bed of FDA grade insoluble resin beads to reduce hardness by replacing calcium ions for sodium ones, thereby eliminating the hardness and scale deposit build-ups.

Available in three different capacities and flow rates, the convenient and space-saving design of the WS series means softened water can be provided easily and cost effectively at the exact point of need.


Ordering Information

Product Code Capacity CaCO3(mg TDS) Flow Rate (lpm) Packaging
WS-10 48,000 1.9 6 @ 5 kg
WS-20 97,000 2.8 6 @ 10 kg
WS-20BB 292,000 8.5 4 @ 20 kg


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Supplier: Pentek


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