Scale Inhibiting Cartridges PCC

The PCC series cartridges contain food-grade hexametaphosphate, which prevents scale and rust build-up. This type of treatment is recommended for use with ice machines, coffee and vending machines, food service equipment, water heaters, air conditioning systems and many other types of water processing equipment.


To best meet your needs, cartridges are available in three feeder sizes and all materials are FDA grade. Highly effective at treating scale, corrosion and iron problems, these cartridges last for up to six months at various flow rates and feed concentrations. The PCC-106 is an insert element that is placed in the centre core of the cartridge. It is designed for use with standard 10" and 20" radial flow, sediment and carbon block filter cartridges. For a carbon and phosphate combined cartridge see TS-GAC, page 31.


Hardness forming ions are kept separated so they cannot precipitate and form deposits when heated.


A protective coating is formed on all metal surfaces, safeguarding against acidity/alkalinity, hardness, chloride turbulence and other factors that affect the corrosion, which leads to ‘rusting out’ of water equipment and pipes.


Dissolved iron, up to 1 ppm, is kept suspended in solution (sequestered), decreasing exposure to air and preventing precipitation, which would cause staining, discolouration and undesirable flavour.


Ordering Information

Product Code Flow Rate (lpm) Suitable For Packaging
PC-106 4 - 6 Insertion into open core of open end-capped cartridges 24 @ 5 kg
PC-2-18 6 - 10 All 10" plastic vessels 6 @ 4 kg
PC-1 4 - 19 All ¾" plastic knife-edge seal vessels 6 @ 5 kg


Download the PCC Series catalogue.


Supplier: Pentek


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