Module Down Side Module Diagram Module Up Side
Model No. HF Case Size (mm) Number
Height Diameter A Diameter B
MKM15 71.5±2.0 30.9±0.3 31.0±0.3 888 0.12 2.44
ETM 86.5±2.0 30.9±0.3 31.0±0.3 888 0.16 3.20
AMM 149.0±2.0 40.0±0.3 41.0±0.3 1200 0.38 7.64
SKM55 124.0±2.0 49.5±0.3 53.5±0.3 2304 0.45 8.98
TCM 218.0±2.0 53.5±0.3 53.5±0.3 2304 1.22 24.30

*1 The surface dimensions are calculated value, and not guaranteed.
*2 The value is just for your reference.
The value is calculated with the flux under the following in-company measuring condition.
Flux of the polysulphone hollow fiber : 20 L / min / m^2 or more
Test condition

  • Feed Water: Pure Water
  • Water Temperature: 20 Degrees Centigrade (°C)
  • Feed Water Pressure: 0.1 MPa

The flux value is a lower limit under the above-mentioned condition. The performance of the module differs individually and differs according to the actual use conditions. There is no measured data of individual modules.



The pores of the outer layer are structured to be very precise, whereas the intermediate layer structured to be more rough. This realizes high removal as well as high flux in membrane performance.



  • The material is polysulfone
  • Low Elution
    • Safe enough to be applied to artificial kidney.
      Standard Toray Sample A Sample B
    Dimethlacetamide (DMAC) <0.2mg/L <0.005mg/L 1.4mg/L 1.5mg/L
  • Dry membrane    
    • Easy to handle, transport, assemble and store
    • Effective performance even after once dried during use

Cut-off Performance of the Hollow Fiber Membrane

Particle Size (μ) Cut-off Rate (%)
0.605 100.0
0.302 100.0
0.241 100.0
0.150 100.0
0.094 27.3
Test Method
  • Module: Mini Glass Module
  • Concentration of Suspensions: 200ppm
  • Pressure: 13.3kPa

Removal Performance of Bacteria by the Hollow Fiber Membrane

Bacteria Size (μ)
Escherichia Coli Bacteria 0.5~0.6 x 1.0~1.3 (Bachillary)
Staphylococcus Bacteria 0.8~1.0
Lactic Acid Bacteria 0.6 x 2~8 (Bachillary)
Bacillus Subtilis Cohn 1.0~1.3 x 3.0~10 (Bachillary)
Result: Over 99.999%
Test Method
  • Biological Indicator: Pseudomonas Diminuta (0.22 x 0.33μ)

Hollow fiber membrane is effective to remove a protozoa which is resistant to chlorine such as Cryptosporidium Parvum.

Name Cryptosporidium Parvum Giardia Lamblia
Size 4~8μm 6~12μm
Infection Area Intestinum Tenue Duodenum, Upper Inrwstinum, Bile Duct
Symptoms • Incubation Period:2~12 Days
• Diarrhea & Abdominal Pains
• Incubation Period: 8~15 Days
• Diarrhea, Abdominal Pains, Emesis, Disorder of Liver Function
Chlorine Resist * 240,000 2,350

* Relative performance against the Escherichia Coli.


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